The good bits about religion


I recently listened to a very interesting talk by Alain de Botton called Atheism 2.0. In this talk, he suggests we take another look at religion, identify the good bits about it and incorporate that into a secular society. PZ Myers launched a scathing attack on his ideas, and Matt Dillahunty gave it a more gentle thumbs-down. I think both of them miss the point to a degree. Here, you can watch and decide for yourself.

What do you think are the good bits about religion? I’m really curious. I’m not really thinking of the warmth and safety you feel knowing God loves you, I’m thinking: “I really love attending worship services, and singing with a group of people.” Or: “I went on a pilgrimage, and it was a wonderful experience.” I may just go troll on some forums to find answers to that question.

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  1. If you’d like a series of thoughtful responses to this very question, check out the Humanist Community Project’s website at – we’re consciously trying to build communities for Humanists where they can come together to promote shared values, stealing the best bits from religion and avoiding the worst dangers!

  2. One of the great things I like about true Christianity is that it has taught me and continually reminds me that man/womenkind is created in the image of the (Christian) God. It tells me that my fellow being is one who has intrinsic eternal worth. It gives me a deep appreciation and compassion for my fellow being whether he/she be religious or not. It has motivated me to see others as valuable and precious and to look out for their needs before that of mine (ok, ok – at least I’m gettin there!)

    It sees this world as God’s creation and reminds me of the role I need to play within my community, country and the world at large. It rejects the escapism and dualism taught by some and brings me alongside others no matter what their belief or orientation.

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